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Concept Board with Two Revisions
Concept Board with Two Revisions

a collection of room images displayed to convey design intent. this includes two revisions based on customer feedback.

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Floor Plan with One Revision
Floor Plan with One Revision

scaled floor plan to show layout intent. includes one revision.

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Complete Shopping Guide
Complete Shopping Guide

shopping guide based on the final concept board. includes details and links for ordering.

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3-5 Virtual Renderings
3-5 Virtual Renderings

3D renderings based on the final, approved concept board and floor plan.

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RC Layout Standards and Styling Tips
RC Layout Standards and Styling Tips

This step by step outline will guide you in placing items within the space, along with how to hang items including curtains and artwork. Use it throughout your home to make the most of your space!

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Introductory Phone Call     

We'll start with a quick phone chat. Fill us in on what you're looking to achieve and ask any questions you may have about the process. 


Style & Design Goals 

Complete the Design Quiz found under Get Started. This will help us to understand your style and what you intend to include within the space. Then email us any inspiration links or images that you may want to share. We love anything that helps us to understand your style. Finally, let us know if you have any existing pieces that you want to include in your design. Include photos of the overall piece, one or two close-up photos of the finish or material, and dimensions.


Floor Plan

Submit photos of your room and a floor plan with dimensions. This can be a computer generated floor plan or a hand sketch. We will use this information to create a computer generated, scaled floor plan, including a suggested furniture layout. We will then ask for your feedback on the suggested layout and complete a final round of revisions. 


Concept Board & Shopping List

Based on your previous Design Quiz results and any included inspiration links, we will curate and then present you with an individualized Concept Board. Keeping in mind style and budget, this board will include the pieces that we suggest you purchase for your space. We will then provide up to two rounds of revisions based on your feedback to arrive at your Final Concept and your Shopping List. The shopping list will include product photos, quantities, dimensions, colors/ finishes. subtotals, styling notes, and clickable links for easy ordering. 


3D Renderings, Styling Tips

You will receive 3 to 5 (based on the size of the space) Virtual 3D Renderings. These are an integral part of not only furthering your understanding of the overall design vision, but they also communicate exactly where to place the items we have selected for you. 


Returning Clients Get A 10% Discount

Open Concept Living/ Dining 

Living Room

Dining Room

Bedroom    (add $199

for adjoined sitting room)

Small Home Office







$499 - $899

price varies with size